Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Key Performance Indicators

Today's exercise is meant to be interactive...

The question at hand is:
" What are a salesman's Key Performance Indicators?"

In other words: how can sales management objectively assess one salesman's performance?
While wondering:
What factors are crucial?
How are they measured?
Does sales management typically fail to see factors that are of importance?
Is revenue the only real indicator?

Here are some that I consider to be important:

External factors:
  • Revenue
  • Gross Profit per deal
  • Delivery performance to customer
  • Quality performance to customer
  • Market share development
  • New business revenue (hunting)
  • Customer retention rate / loyalty
  • Target versus Actual performance
  • # of new customers created
Internal factors:
  • Level of knowledge (products, sales, business environment)
  • Job satisfaction / motivation / attitude
  • Training / learning opportunities
  • Input to internal team / culture
  • Education / training attended

What are your thoughts?

Your input is much appreciated!!

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