Monday, February 23, 2009

Being in the driver's seat

Do you often think:
"Why is this happening to me?"
"If I was in his territory it would be much easier for me"
"If I had started at the same time, I would have been doing the same numbers now"
"That was an easy deal, I would do the same numbers if I had customers like that"
"The system slows me down, that's why my business is slower - I can't make enough calls"
"All the big companies are taken already"

And are you honest to yourself when you keep saying this when your numbers are low?
Are you still saying this to yourself when people that are realistically in the same boat, as they have started at the same time, are beating you on the rankings?

If that's the case, you need to take a hard look at yourself.

Because if you are really honest, you know that you are not making enough calls, or good enough calls. You know that you could prepare your call lists better, rank your customers, manage and organize your customer base, and come in earlier to start making your calls.

There are many things in life that are outside of our control. But this job is not one of them.
What separates the boys from the men is how you take on your job, your life, really.

It is how you react to your environment, how you take ownership and accountability for your actions and performance. If you're at the bottom of the list or if you are not making your dreams come true, you have to work harder, keep going, putting in more energy and discipline.

Here's a good suggestion: You don't have to invent the wheel if others around you are successful.
Look around, ask questions, find out why the people at the top are at the top.
Chances are you will find out that they have worked hard and took control of their destiny, by taking the right actions and sticking with it.

Hard work, perseverence, discipline, setting challenging goals, and doing everything you can to achieve them.

The hard part? Not doing the things that will not lead you to your goal, no matter how much fun they seem at the moment. It takes discipline to get .

You have to be healthy in body and spirit to be a corporate athlete.
You need to eat and sleep well, practise, improve, repeat practise, go through hardships, recover from injuries or defeat in order for you to win a metaphorical medal.

But the good news is: you can do it!
You just need to change your ineffective routines into an effective one.

Change today rather than tomorrow.
Pick up the phone and call 30 new prospects today, follow up on the ones that you haven't followed up with but should have. You know who they are. Internal emails aren't as important as sales. Don't kid yourself when you think that's what you need to do first. You were hired for one thing only: to produce revenue.
So that the company makes money and you make money.

Take you destiny in your own hands and get into the driver's seat.

Why not now?

Let's dial for dollars!

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