Thursday, July 17, 2008

We become what we think about

When asked as a kid, you would say you wanted to become a fireman, a policeman, or a rock star. As a kid you imagined becoming what you thought was a great thing to be.

As an adolescent or young adult, life shows some more complications, but also more opportunities, and you pursue what you want to become with greater detail and...sense of reality.

The truth is that we become what we think about.

Did you ever go to a high school reunion?
Beforehand, you wondered what your classmates had 'become'.
And somehow, as if you knew, most had become what you thought they would, with a few exceptions here and there. In generalities they had become 'just a white-collar worker', a journalist, a musician, a red-cross non-profit doctor, a banker, comedian, or salesman.

They lived what they thought about, and radiated what they thought about long time ago already, and they finally became what was destined to happen.

We have become salesmen.

And within that realm of excitement for most (and probably disappointment for some), there's another truth:

The (financial) results of this job are so straight forward that they are great for comparison against your peers. You are great if you rank with the top performers, and you will need to step it up if you aren't. It's a cruel truth for the latter, but an exciting long-term confidence boost for high rankers.

Now let's get back to our first statement: we become what we think about:

Do you think about making the minimum performance targets? Or do you think about beating the current #1 performer?

Do you think of the problems you could have if you don't hit your sales, and commission isn't enough to cover your rent, or do you think of the 911 you always wanted to buy?

Here's the difference between the average and the great.
Dream your dreams and think about how you want to become the best you can be.
Picture the dream house, vacation, car or achievements you want to focus on.

Forget about negativity, hurdles, and bad luck.
No-one said it would be easy, and how much fun is it really if you just get what you want without having to really work for it?

Let's make it happen and dial for dollars!

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