Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Set yourself up for success

Today's blog is about how you motivate yourself to be successful.

Do you know?
I mean: Do you actually know what triggers you to get up in the morning and be ready to make things happen?

Have you ever thought about what goals you want to achieve both professionally and personally over this year? Did you break those goals down in quarterly/monthly/weekly goals?
Do you know what you have to do today to start moving the ball forward so that you can attain those goals?

Here's the real secret to success.
Many books have been written about this subject (including the book 'The Secret'), and millions of people spend money on courses and tutoring, but the real trick is this simple:

1) Dream your dreams
2) Set your goals (1yr, 5 yrs, 10yrs, lifetime) to make your dreams come true, and share them with your environment (to create accountability, and allow others to help)
3) Break those goals down into realistic timeframes (half year, quarter, month, week, day)
4) Plan your day with those goals in mind (priority setting)
5) Make it happen, by being faithful to the daily targets you set (discipline)
6) Celebrate your milestones (don't make them too easy, and don't make them unattainable either)
7) Repeat

The bottom line is: if you want a castle, or a dream job, or you want to be the world's greatest guitar player: you can make it happen. But: nothing comes for free.

If you need to train, train.
If you need to save money, save money.
If you need to invest, invest.
And if you need to build skills, experience or knowledge, make sure that anything you do builds on those skills.

It isn't rocket science, but it certainly takes discipline, will-power, and perseverance. Every day, you will have to choose what action builds on your goals and set your decisions to it.

In sales, it isn't much different.
You have to set your goals, prepare your work, work it, and be successful at it by improving your game every single day. Make a game out of it, have a ball, talk to others about it, and share your successes, your thoughts, your imperfections, and learn.

Change your screensaver to your long-dreamed ferrari, or beach house.
Set your mind to where you want to be, and live it!

Nike's brilliant slogan is still valid today:


Happy selling and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great article, would like to add a small thing to this though;

- do not be afraid of failure. When you lost a deal or were not able to fulfill you rpromises, get back on your feet and lear! And never make the same mistake twice

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Curious question