Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to genuinely enjoy cold calling - Part 5

5. Let Go of Expectations, but be prepared to win

Never assume anything beforehand.
Allow the conversation to be one of exploration and discovery.
Stay focused on the dialogue instead of any private agenda.
Determine whether it makes sense to continue the conversation by truly listening.

Never presume your prospect should buy what you have to offer, even when it seems they're a perfect fit. You are not calling to create a situation that is focused on your personal gain, but on helping the other person.

Simply have a conversation to explore whether you can help them in some way.
This takes pressure off both of you. You'll be more relaxed and they'll be more honest about where they stand.

However, be prepared to win. If you don't anticipate on a positive outcome, it will be exposed during your call implicitly. Be prepared to offer a win-win solution and you will come a long way.

Believe me, once you start applying these perspectives it will transform your day-to-day worklife. Instead of dreading cold calling, you'll anticipate the adventure of creating a situation where everybody wins.

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