Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to genuinely enjoy cold calling - Part 2

2. Be Honest and Truthful
You're in a very good place when you choose to be truthful in your cold calling.

If you're not trying to fool anyone, you naturally feel better about making the call. You know that you're trustworthy. And people respond to you in a positive way.

When you approach a potential client with integrity and common sense, you are more personable and less tense. Being fully honest is one of your better attributes. And it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the interaction rather than being artificial or manipulative.

People do seem to have a sixth sense about integrity. When they feel you can be trusted, you can truly shine as a person as well as a potential supplier.

Price is often not the only reason why someone is a customer. Keep in mind that connecting with your prospect, happens at multiple levels. At the professional level, at the product/price/delivery level, and at the personal level. All three aspects have to be addressed either explicitly or implicitly. Trust is definetely one of the most important aspects when it comes to connecting on both a personl and a professional level.

Happy selling today!

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