Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keep it simple - sales is about closing deals

There are few jobs out there that allow you to control your work, your income and your future.
But if you're in a commission sales job - this is one of them.

However, your job is what you make of it, just like your life.
If you let opportunities pass, nothing is going to change for you.
Guess what, opportunities don't come knocking on your door.
You'll have to take control and make it happen.

A sales job requires you to cold call, warm call, build relationships and close deals.
That's what we're all about.
Don't let this opportunity to build your future slide.
Needless to say that making enough calls comes with the job's responsibility, but it's crucial to realize that YOU are in the driver's seat.

Here are some do's and don'ts:
- Do make 20 calls in a row before getting up from you chair to get a coffee. Concentrate.
- Do practise your pitch, use a mirror at home, or ask a colleague to run through your pitch with you
- Do make it simple - ask yourself if you would do business with someone that sounds the way you do. If not, change your behavior.
- Do set up your calling list in advance. Good preparation is part of any great achievement.
- Do plan your quotes and e-mails between 8-9 am / 12-1 pm / 5-7 pm, and don't use up time that is perfect for making calls
- Do set your targets, whether they be materialistic, personal development, or just sales targets, and chase them
- Do reward yourself when you hit your milestones - don't set milestones too far out
- Be realistic about where you are and listen to what others have to offer, you're never too old to learn

- Don't expect other people to do it for you, deals are closed only by you - you're the salesman
- Don't overcomplicate this job - it's sales - you should be speaking with clients
So...don't pretend you're busy writing e-mails or quotes, BE busy calling and write your e-mails at the end of your day
- Don't think you're doing well if you have made your minimum targets - look up, and take the best as your example
- Don't let yourself be lazy, discipline is a great thing, and it feeds from people's success. You have an obligation to yourself (and your family) to be the best you can be.

Let's make it happen. The opportunity is right in front of us. This is not a carrot, it's the real thing! Now, today, and every day, you have the opportunity to make it happen. Take it while the opportunity is there -

Let's dial for dollars!

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